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萬佳棉花糖(MkMallow) - "Erko" 棉花糖專門店 MkMallow - "Erko" Marshmallow shop 「💥讓大眾也能購買自用!」 「💥Let the Pub. get joy!」 萬佳貿易公司 為 "Erko"牌棉花糖之香港代理商。 MKTC(Man Kai Trading Co.) is the HK Agency of "Erko" marshmallow. 本公司在香港 於1989年 成立,經營零食批發。 MKTC was established in Hong Kong in 1989, operating snacks wholesale. 供應 夾糖店、燒烤場、甜品店 和 零食店。 MKTC has been supplied and served to candy shop, barbecue restaurant, dessert shop and snack shops. 萬佳貿易公司 Man Kai Trading Co. 公司網頁 Company website:https://marshmallowmk.com/ 面書專頁 Facebook Page:https://www.facebook.com/marshmallowmk/ MkMallow 萬佳棉花糖 本網店 Online store:https://mkmallow.com/ 面書專頁 Facebook Page:https://www.facebook.com/mkmallow1989/ Instagram:https://www.instagram.com/mkmallow/ 棉花糖用途廣泛,包括: Marshmallow have a wide range of use, include in: 婚宴囍慶 Wedding 🥰💍 派對生日會 Party 🥳🎉 嘉年華會 Carnival 🕺💃 團體機構 Organization🎈🧧 甜品及烘焙用料 Desert and Baking ingredients 🍦🍰 燒烤 BBQ 🍢🔥 露營 Camping 🚙🏕 夾糖糖果店 Candy store 🛒🍬 咖啡店 Coffee shop ☕️🌱 祼買店 In bulk shop 🛍♻️ —————————————— 📦棉花糖 儲存方法 Marshmallow storage: 存放在陰涼處 Please place the marshmallow in the cool and dry places. 🚛本網發貨時間: (🤔一般情況 General situation) 即日投寄,每天上午11時截止(星期六/日/公眾假期除外)。或於下一工作日投寄。 Order delivery, in general, we would deliver on the same day of ordering, but, if the order ordered after 4pm or at Sat/Sun/Pub.Holiday, we may deliver orders at the next available working day. (🤯特別情況 Special situation) 🌀惡劣天氣 則需視乎運送公司之服務情況。當選用的運送公司恢復服務時,我們會立即把訂單寄出。(例如, SF express) The delivery services would depend on the availability of the logistics/delivery third parties while there are bad weather happening. (e.g. SF express) 🆘️緊急情況 Urgent situation 若顧客急需我們之產品,請不要遲疑,立即與我們聯絡,以尋解決方案。 Urgent matters, please do not hesitate to make contact with us to figure out the possible solution, if you need our product/service in urgent. 查詢(Enquiries): ☎️電話 Contact number: (852)63489739 💬WhatsApp: (852)63489739 📧電郵Email: mkmallow1989@gmail.com